What is a mountain bike dropper post? During this advanced time, mountain trekking is becoming a more sporting and active movement than in recent memory. Dropper posts assume an urgent part to make this occasion quicker, agreeable, and safe. It assists with decreasing normal and specialized snags that you could look at while riding by changing the level and length to the ideal level. Let’s look into why so many riders gravitate toward dropper posts for trail-blazing bicycles.

What is a mountain bike dropper post?

A dropper seat alludes to a seat that you can change by effectively bringing down or raising the switch on the handlebar. It is intended to be changed after the ideal level that enables riders to lower the seats faster and essentially right now of riding. This is probably the biggest benefit of utilizing a dropper post.

Its capacities come in two ways: mechanical power or water-driven power. The switch moves water-powered liquid or a mechanical link through the hose to lower or raise the seat post. It works precisely like a customizable office seat.

Do you need a dropper post?

You absolutely, without a doubt, need a dropper post if you want to improve your mountain trekking execution. Another important reason why you require a dropper post is that it allows you to accelerate and is more straightforward between situated accelerating and remaining to direct falls or bounces. A dropper post is much more significant, particularly assuming you are short or you have short legs. Utilizing a dropper post requires a few more abilities and a higher wellness level than your riding capacity.

These days, individuals all over the planet are utilizing dropper posts to make their riding more agreeable and stable. It sometimes reduces the possibility of getting wounds. For this and different reasons, it is recommendable to utilize a dropper post,

The dropper post can be used for satisfaction, preparing mountain riders, cross-country riders, and racers. If your preparation or riding excludes bounces, falls, or steep plunges, you’re not urged to utilize dropper posts. Additionally, here and there, you won’t be permitted to utilize innovation during the race or Olympic cross-country.

A dropper is more important than you might think while mountain trekking; however, it will be restricted for unknown reasons: when you are riding downhill.

How to Choose a Dropper Post

Choosing the right dropper post will greatly assist you in obtaining the best and correct one. At the point when you pick the right dropper post, you ought to think about the accompanying highlights:

Level and length

Before purchasing a dropper, the post ensures that the level is extended enough to entice you to pedal. Dropper posts are available in various lengths, both longer and more limited. Examples of accessible lengths are 80 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, and 150 mm. While the lengths of movement increment, the overall lengths of dropper posts rise. The majority of the dropper post-make suggests the most unsuitable lengths.

interior or external link directing

Bicycles utilize either interior (secret) or outside link steering. Old bicycles utilize outside links, while current off-road bicycles nearly utilize inward link steering. The presence of an internal link indicates that the dropper is connected on the remote level at the shaft of the post. This diminishes the possibilities of contamination from soil and residue.

Additionally, the inside is best, as no link development interferes with the back suspension. External link directing, on the other hand, means that the links are directed externally to the top cylinder and their heads are appended. They are significantly easier to implement and maintain than internal link directing.

Seatpost breadth

Dropper postseats are planned in various breadths, which permits them to fit. The overall measurement is not set in stone by the size you mean to squeeze the dropper seatpost into. The distance across is estimated using a dial pointer. Picking the appropriate dropper seatpost is useful because it allows for customizability, the most vital component in a dropper post.

Mechanical or water-powered

As referenced above, dropper posts are worked either precisely or using pressurized water. Thus, it’s better to think about those two focuses when you pick up the dropperized water. Thus, it’s better to think about those two focuses when you pick up the dropper. The mechanical one is frequently straightforward, simple to keep up with, and pocket-friendly. When you come to a water-powered one, its activity lends itself to simple execution. Yet, its upkeep requires more abilities and assets.


Dropper posts are one of the most important components for mountain trekking because they help the rider go downhill and high, accelerating position quickly and securely. To further develop your mountain trekking, guarantee that picking the right dropper post will help you while riding. Likewise, attempt to recall those tips before buying a dropper post.

FAQs About A Mountain Bike Dropper Post

What does a dropper post do on a MTB?

A dropper post, also called a “dropper,” is a replacement for your bike’s seat post that lets you change the height of your saddle without getting off your bike or even stopping. Most droppers are activated by pulling on a cable, but there are a few that are electronic or wireless.

Is a dropper seatpost worth it?

A dropper post is a must-have if you ride anything at all difficult these days. It lets you ride on a much wider range of terrain without having to stop to move your seat up and down when you’re on steep trails.

Can you add a dropper post to any mountain bike?

A dropper post can be a great addition to any mountain bike, but you need to make sure you get the right one for your model. Here are some things to keep in mind: Seat post width: You’ll need to know the width of your current seat post when choosing a dropper, so measure it.

What is the benefit of a dropper post?

Dropper posts are popular on mountain bikes and in the gravel realm for good reason: they make going downhill simpler. Lowering the saddle allows you to move the bike closer to you, making it easier to handle. It also lowers your center of gravity, which is beneficial.

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